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This form is to help navigate through the four divisions, Tax, Motor Vehicle, Specialized Business Group (formally known as Enforcement) and Lottery. Use this form to ask general questions

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The most asked Taxation Division questions are:  

Q. Why did I get a letter from the Tax Division.  
A. The Tax Division website has information on the type of letters sent to taxpayers.  

Q. I need to a payment plan, what do I do?  
A. The Tax Division website for a helpful video and instructions on how to ask for a payment plan.  

The most asked Division of Motor Vehicles questions are: 

Q. I am new to Colorado.  How do I apply for a driver license/ID and register my car. 
A. Visit the DMV website for information for New Colorado residents. 
Q. How do I pay the citation?
A. Visit the DMV's Tickets and Penatly Assessments web page for information. 

Q. Where is my license/permit/ID?
A. Visit the myDMV app to check on the status of your credential.  Click on the Where's my Driver License/ID link under Quick Start.  

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