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The Colorado Department of Revenue’s Citizens’ Advocate assists customers in two ways.  The advocate will provide customers with general information and assistance navigating through the Departments four websites; Specialized Business Group (SBG), Colorado Lottery, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Taxation Division.  

The advocate may assist with resolving your issues once you have exhausted all other avenues by working with directors, managers and subject matter experts to offer resolutions or explanations of statutory limitations.

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Fill out a web form for the fastest response.  Complete the web form below to ask for help, if you do not know which division, complete the web form closest to your inquiry.  You will received a response within three business.  In most cases, you will be directed to the website or call center that can assist you.  

Most Asked Questions

Q. What is the status of my license plates or vehicle registration? 
A. Vehicle registrations and license plates are processed at your county motor vehicle office.  Contact your county for the status. 

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to visit a Driver License Office? 
A. Yes, you must have an appointment to visit a Driver License Office.  Walk-ins are not allowed.  Currently appointments are about one to two months out depending on the type of appointment.  You may make an appointment at any Colorado driver license office.  

Q. How do I replace my lost or stolen driver license/ID?
A. Visit the DMV website for information on replacing your driver license or ID.

Q. How do I register my vehicle?
A. You may be able to register your vehicle online at myDMV. Select Vehicle Services then Submit a first-time vehicle registration.  

General information about registering your vehicle is on the DMV website.   Vehicle registrations, license plates and stickers are issued by county motor vehicle departments. Contact your county if you have more questions.

Q. How Do I send a compliment or complaint about the customer service I received?
A. Complete the Customer Service Comment formDO NOT use this form if you are asking for helpContact your county DMV for service comments about issuing license plates, vehicle registration or other vehicle documentation.

Visit the Secretary of State's website for trade name or business license information.

Most Common Question:

Q. How do I apply for or close a wage withholding or sales tax license?
A. Visit the Tax Division Businesses webpage and select the tax type for instructions and helpful videos. 

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Visit the Tax Division website for information about individual tax topics. 


Most common question:

Q. Where can I find the 2020 income tax booklet?
A. The 2020 tax booklets will be available the Tax Division's website on or around January 19th.


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Most Common questions: 

Q. My family member is recently deceased.  How do I cancel the license/ID?  
A. There is nothing you need to do regarding the license or ID. We receive notification from the Department of Health and Environment (where all deaths are reported) and will cancel the license or ID..

Q. Who can I talk to about my suspended or revoked license?
A. Contact Driver Services at 303-205-5613  or through their webform for information about your license status or reinstatement.  

Q. When is my appointment? 
A. Emails are sent at the time you make the appointment and you will get reminder emails closer to the date.  Please check your spam folder if you didn't receive the email in your inbox.   Contact the Appointment line at 720-295-2965 for your appointment information if you are unable to find the confirmation email or to verify your appointment. 

Q. I am turning 21 soon.  How do I renew my license?
A.  You may renew online if you have not exhausted the maximum number you can renew online or by mail, which is two consecutive times or schedule a renewal appointment at myDMV.  Please note: you must wait until after your birthdate to renew your license online or in person.  Renewing before your birthday will generate a license with the same expiration date.  Your license or ID is valid 20 days after your birthday. 


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Contact your county for help with your vehicle registrations, license plates and title information.   Some counties may be closed to the public for in person service.  Visit the county motor vehicle office webpage for alternate contact information. 


Most common questions:

Q. Where are my tags, license plates or registration renewal?
A. Vehicle registrations, license plates and stickers (year and month tabs) are issued by county motor vehicle departments.  Contact your county directly with all questions you have about documents for your vehicle.   

Q. How do I replace a lost title or request a duplicate title?
A. You may request a duplicate title online at myDMV or by mail.  Visit the DMV website for instruction on requesting a title by mail.   

Q. I am new to Colorado.  How do I register my vehicle?
A. General information about vehicle registration is provided on the DMV's New to Colorado site, however, you will need to contact your county for specific information.  Vehicle registrations and license plates are processed at your county motor vehicle office.

Q. How do I replace a lost or stolen plate?
A. You may be able to request a plate online at myDMV. Select Vehicle Services then Request license plate.   Contact your county motor vehicle office if you are unable to complete this request online. 

Q. How do I request or renew a persons with disabilities placard?
A. You may be eligible to request the placard online at myDMV under the Vehicle Services tab.  If you are unable to request this online, contact your county motor vehicle office for other options such as mailing the application. 

Q. I am trying to renew my registration on line by myDMV will not let me.  
A. There are a few reasons that you are unable to renew online.  The most common are proof of insurance is needed or the plates are expired.  Contact your county if you are unable to renew online.  

Q. What do with a do with my old license plates?
A. It is not required to surrender your plates to the DMV.  You may recycle your plates yourself or return them to the State DMV to be recycled.  The address is:

Department of Revenue
Division of Motor Vehicle
Titles and Registration
PO BOX 173550
Denver, CO 80217-3350

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