CDOR Organizational Chart

CDOR Logo of large C next to evergreen tree and line art mountains in the center of the C. Circular icon of government building in a green circle over the name CDOR.

Colorado Department of Revenue 
Functional Organization Chart ~ April 2024

Download PDF of CDOR Organization Chart here



Executive Director

Heidi Humphreys


Chief Operating Officer / Deputy Executive Director

Meghan Tanis


Executive Assistant: Alexandra Prichard



Reporting to Meghan Tanis

Chief Operating Officer / Deputy Executive Director


Legislative Liaison

Jimmy Reed


Olya Rohrbaugh

Office of Information 

Matthew St. John


Dan Carr

Human Resources

Sandi Calhoun



Reporting to Heidi Humphreys

 Executive Director



  • Legislative Analyst
    • Manny Santistevan
  • Fiscal Note Analyst
    • Jeff Stupak
  • Fiscal Note Manager
    • Veronica Shotts

Administrative Offices Division


Rick Johnson
Chief Administrative Officer

  • Hearings Director
    • Cleophus Steele
  • Facilities, Safety & Security Director
    • Rosa Sanchez
  • Records/Policy/CORA/Mail Director
    • Stephen Norman

Financial Services


Lorri Dugan
Chief Financial Officer

  • Deputy CFO
    • Jason Grothaus
  • Accounting Controller
    • Scott Koehler
  • Purchasing & Contract Director
    • Karen Picariello
  • Budget Director
    • Ryan Reather
  • Deposit Control Director
    • Billy Elliott

Strategic Enablement Division


Michael Arrington

  • ISD Delivery Director
    • Alan Catterson
  • ISD Strategy Director
    • Amy Ralston
  • Departmental Performance
    & Data Director
    • Eric Hurley

Motor Vehicles Division


Electra Bustle
Senior Director

Rosalie Johnson
Senior Deputy Director
Motorists Services

  • Driver License Section Director
    • Shari Creason
  • Driver Control Director
    • Benjamin Mitchell 
  • Vehicle Services Unit Director
    • Benjamin Whittier

Melissa Lineberger
Senior Deputy Director
Support Services

  • Contracts and Policy
    • Dylan Ikenouye

Taxation Division


Brendon Reese
Senior Director

  • Taxation Deputy Director
    • Matthew Samuelson
  • Tax Audit &
    Compliance Director
    • Chris Muntean
  • Tax Policy Analysis Director
    • Joshua Pens
  • Taxpayer Service Director
    • Eric Myers
  • Tax Conferee - Chief Conferee
    • Debbie Van Wyke
  • Research & Legislative
    Services Director
    • Amber Egbert

Lottery Division


Tom Seaver
Senior Director

  • Lottery Deputy Director
    • Jennifer Anderson
  • Marketing Director
    • Scott Chavin
  • Sales Director
    • Tom Campbell
  • Security and Investigations
    • Brian Kohnlein
  • Operations & Development
    • Theresa Geier
  • Controller
    • Nancy Bartosz

Specialized Business Group


Mike Phibbs
Senior Director

  • Auto Industry Section Director
    • Chris Rouze
  • Division of Gaming Director
    • Christopher Schroder
  • Division of Racing Director
    • Donia Amick
  • Liquor Enforcement Division
    • Michelle Stone-Principato

Natural Medicine Division / Marijuana Enforcement Division


Dominique Mendiola
Senior Director

  • Deputy Senior Director
    • Kyle Lambert
  • Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs
    • Allison Robinette