Voluntary Contribution Reports


About the Reports

Per §39-22-1001(9), C.R.S. the Colorado Department of Revenue is required to “post and periodically update on its official website the amount of donations received for each voluntary contribution appearing on the Colorado state individual income tax form.”  The amount of donations received for each voluntary contribution (formerly known as checkoffs) appearing on the current Colorado Individual Income Tax Return (Form 104) between January 1st and September 30th of each year shall be a factor in determining each voluntary contribution's eligibility for inclusion on subsequent Individual Income Tax Returns. For these purposes, the monthly amounts donated to each voluntary contribution during January through September revenue periods are reported every year.

Voluntary Contribution Reports, 2017 to Date 

Note: CDOR also publishes annual data on voluntary contributions in the CDOR Annual Reports. In those reports the number of donations, total amount of donations, and average donations are provided per state fiscal year (July through June).



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