Tax Profile and Expenditure Reports

About the Reports

Every other year, the Colorado Department of Revenue prepares a Tax Profile and Expenditure Report for the state as required by §39-21-303, C.R.S. Reports are prepared in even years and published in January of odd years.

The Tax Profile and Expenditure Report includes three sections:

  • Tax Expenditure Study: Describes tax expenditures administered by the Department and estimates their revenue impacts
  • Colorado Tax Profile Study: Discusses Colorado's overall tax structure and distribution of tax burden across income groups
  • Statistics of Income Reports: Tabulate Colorado individual and corporate income tax return data by income tax year and size of income

2022 Tax Profile & Expenditure Report Cover


2022 Colorado Tax Profile & Expenditure Report 

Overview Slides


2020 Colorado Tax Profile & Expenditure Report 


2018 Colorado Tax Profile & Expenditure Report 

2018 Expenditure Report Addendum: Tax Forms


2016 Colorado Tax Profile & Expenditure Report 

2016 Income Tax Expenditure Supplement

  • This supplement was created in response to a legislative request for more detailed income tax expenditure data.
  • Income tax expenditures are separated by tax type (Individual, Fiduciary, Partnership, and Corporation). 
  • Revenue impact estimates of corporate income tax deductions are apportioned to represent Colorado income. 




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